Thursday, April 30, 2009

recipe resource

I am feeling the need to gush about a recipe discovery, thanks to another blogger, at Twin Yolks . . . the one I tried was the super-simple, nameless one dish that she writes about along with the breakfast eggs, at the post titled "oui, asperge." The epitome of compliments came last night [upon my first attempt at the dish] when, after the first bite, my dinner guest said, "Wow--this is great! Can we have it again?" Considering the fact that I am never comfortable with making a dish until I know I can do it well, I figured this was a good sign. I also was quite pleased with the sum total for the groceries, considering that I ended up with leftovers enough to make the entire meal again, planned for tomorrow. One tip I would add is that I ended up getting a foccaccia from a local bakery, and I suspect that such a firm and crust bread was the perfect choice. I was also able to save by getting the day-old discount which, as I was baking it anyhow, made for a perfectly tasty end product!

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A.Kelley said...

Foccacia sounds PERFECT. And imagine how awesome it will be with summer tomatoes are ripe... ooh I can't wait. You go, Anna J! Thanks for the mention!