Thursday, April 23, 2009

dear dairy

As I was just lamenting the lack of a local dairy farm the other day, with my mother, it seemed happily serenditipitous when, yesterday, I met one of the owners of Cruze Dairy Farms.
So I am now enjoying the most delightfully farm-fresh milk--which is something, since I generally don't like milk in this country, being spoiled my fresh dairy in other places I have lived. This discovery, consequently, is a delightful one. And it seemed fitting, this afternoon, to give my glass of milk the royal treatment, serving it in the same fashion as one would a glass of fine wine . . . Cruze in Crystal? ;-)

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jen said...

yo anna... txs for the low down on Cruze... lovely little blog and what a great discovery! so nice to buy, eat, consume locally!

hope all is well with the online book project... very cool idea