Friday, February 13, 2009

if the part fits

WIth embarrassingly little work on my part, my grandfather and I successfully jimmied the garage door back into working condition yesterday. He is truly a fix-it genius . . . and, in fact, my hero. Considering the fact that this type of garage door is no longer being made, I think it's pretty darn impressive that he was able to find the replacement cable that would fit just right, even though not made for such a purpose.
So my grandpa climbed up and down the ladder, carefully refitting bolts and rewiring cables. And I stood there awaiting his calls for a needed nut of a holding of a cable. My only lasting contribution was probably the use of a wrench to clamp down to size the offendingly wide steel loop . . . but I clamped it too far, so it actually had to then be widened!
Suffice it to say that i probably cannot justifiably blame my garage door for the fact that I barely made it on time for the lecture I was giving yesterday evening. Thankfully, local librarians are remarkably laid-back about such things . . . surprisingly so, perhaps?

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