Sunday, June 15, 2008

this is the chapel . . .

. . . where I intended to come for Mass this morning. But I'm afraid I had chosen it for rather shallow reasons, in that I was simply charmed by its external appearance. So it is probably poetic justice that I did not make it in time for the 8:00 am service. Instead, I took this photo and then continued on to the gallery that was next on my day's agenda. Yesterday I had met the owner of a gallery, and had promised her I would come to visit her place today. It turns out that while I was there with her, learning how to weave on her loom, another visitor arrived. This gentleman was the producer of a local news station, and had come to interview her about her vision for the business, and for the arts. She did her interview and then asked if he could interview me as well, as she thought my "story" was an interesting one. He did--had me sing as well. So there is, I suppose, the slight chance that I will show up here on the local news :-)

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