Sunday, June 29, 2008


This afternoon included a visit with one of the elderly residents I had grown especially close to during my time as a social worker. As he showed me some of his old photographs, he noted that the photo on this card was of his 1st cousin Arthur. Then he asked me if I recognized his face. While I looked more closely--and with decidedly more curiosity--Mr. Bradley continued: "You know the 'don't squeeze the Charmin' guy in those old commercials?" I nodded, impressing myself with my rare media-knowledgeability. "That was him," he said. Eyes widening, I could think of nothing more sophisticated to say than Whoa--how cool!," which still seems sufficiently eloquent to me.
As Mr. Bradley happens to be one of the most honorable, kind-hearted men I know, I am quite certain that this is the truth. But for the sake of you all who do not know him, I shall try to do some sleuthing, for the sake of official verification . . .

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