Sunday, June 01, 2008

home findings

Strange the things you miss in your own backyard . . . or front yard, as the case may be. Here I am, back in my "home town" again, and today I make a discovery: after photographing fruit trees in the Caribbean, I find a brimming one here in my own yard that I hadn't realized was anywhere close to actually bearing fruit. I think it might be a peach tree but stay tuned . . . I'll keep you posted with confirmation :-)


anna j said...

So I am an arborismic ignoramus: it is definitely not a peach tree. But [here's the ignoramus part] I can't tell if it's pear or apple . . . I'll keep working on that confirmation :-)

kel said...

Apples and pears are just as nice. Plus, you get tons of points for using the non-word 'arborismic' but making it sound like a highly scientific term.

anna j said...

Glad you noticed--I was enjoying my new word as I used it ;-)