Wednesday, January 02, 2008

for fellow lovers of words

Thanks to a fellow blogger, I have just discovered the most fabulous website: It maps out a word for you, with its various definitions,and is interactive. For starters, I had to look up "grace," and my favorite of the visual links was the definition for the variations gracefulness and gracility [which, for the record, I must admit that I had no idea even existed, as far as defined words go!]. Anyhow, the definitions for these two are "beautiful carriage" and "elegance and beauty of movement or expression, " both of which are just lovely . . . a wordy paradise :-)


Manuela said...

Wow, that is beautiful. What's the website.

anna j said...

Oops--sorry about that: it seems that my link codes weren't working and I didn't catch it :-)
I have typed it out in the post now, though unfortunately it's not an active link. Have fun!