Saturday, February 24, 2007

flushing froggy

As is customary, I took my morning walk from my room to the Bush Camp shower and toilet house I use. As is also customary, I then used the toilet before hopping in the shower. The bathhouse being dimly lit, I do not generally peer very closely into the toilet bowl, but this time I noticed something there after flushing. I guess the last visitor left a little something here . . . I thought, slightly amused. So I waited a moment and flushed again. Still there. And again. Still there. That’s odd, I thought. This time I bent down and looked closely into the toilet bowl.
Then I laughed.
There looking up at me was a good size bullfrog, toes gripping the sides tightly and an expression of what I perceived as annoyance on his froggy face. Rightly so, for sure. I apologized out loud to him then, for showering him with such a rude morning awakening.
Leaving the toilet cover up this time [it is generally left shut], I was relieved to see that he had left his post by the time I finished my shower, presumably to a more sanitary and suitable habitat.
I was, however, amused to learn later that this does happen regularly, not because they jump into the toilet bowl but rather because they come up through the pipes themselves . . . so maybe he did not escape to such a sanitary abode after all ☺


kel said...

This post played on one of the irrational (or possibly not) fears I have- something coming up through the pipes. I've always imagined snakes or possibly a rat- a toad never entered the equation. I suppose your experience gives new meaning to the phrase, "Look before you leap." Eek! I now officially have the heebie geebies.

anna j said...

well, if it's any consolation, i've never heard of pipe creatures in any other country than here . . . yet ;-)

kel said...

That would've helped had it not been for the YET.

Watch your back(side). ;)

Jodi said...

This calls to mind the childen's song "you can never go down the drain". Some things apparently can, and do go up and down the drain!