Thursday, February 22, 2007

a birthday "card"

Happy Birthday Helen!
with lots of love, and creative energies, from:
Lara, Eva, Ellen, Annie, & Anna
[in other words, the entire crew of my little one-room-schoolhouse :-)]


Helen said...

thank you very, very much for the lovely birthday poster! That just made my day!

Anna, I am sitting in the DB computer lab with a stack of books next to me that I just checked out from your library. The 2nd day of my teaching practice has come to a successful end and I'm happy to have fast computer access.

Still reading your blog and enjoying your adventure right along with you!

Marian says hello too.

I love and miss you,


anna j said...

i'm so glad you enjoyed your poster--and it's good to know you're settling in so far at DB. it's wonderfully odd for me to picture you and Marion there :-)
i love and miss you too!
love, anna