Wednesday, May 12, 2010

another of my own

Emboldened [too much so?] by the kind response to last week's Poetry Wednesday post . . . and perhaps also by the fact that I am trying to flame the fires of my song-writing creativity, I have decided to go ahead and put another of my own writings out there. This one is decided less serious than last week's--quite goofy, in fact. But as much of my children's writing is just as goofy, there is no good reason for me to hide that fact :-) This one was inspired by a conversation I had with a little one, years ago, in the church bathroom after the service . . .

Stuck in the Loo
Oh dear, I fear it's true:
I'm stuck here in the loo.

I've wiggled, and jiggled, and pried:
And now I'm fit to be tied.

I really had to pee.
So Mommy came in with me.

I told her she could go--
I'm big now and, well, you know.

But now I wish I hadn't.
Cause she'd a known how to unfast'n it.

She knows how to do
Just anything--I promise, it's true!

Well I guess I'll settle in a bit--
The loo's not a bad place to sit.

I can make it real nice and comfy,
Even have my friends over for tea.

Suzy, and Jane, and Jackie.
And maybe Jane's puppy, Jalopy.

We can all sit right there on the floor,
In that space--it's just perfect for four!

After tea, then time for . . .
What's that? Did I hear the door?

Oh--Mommy, you found me!
I was just . . . well, I'll tell you later.

Yes, I'm fine. Tell you now?
Well ok. This is how . . .


Jenn (From the Mixed-Up Files) said...

Hi Anna J,

I popped over here to let you know you were the winner of my giveaway! And I get the bonus of reading this wonderful poem. It made me giggle and reminded me of my childhood fascination with bathrooms. Yes, bathrooms.

Anyhow, please email me to claim your signed copy of Gringolandia.


Beth said...

Sweet. Comically I guess, though I did not mean to be, I hung up a sign in our bathroom that says, "Gathering Place." People love to make comments and it seems appropriate to your poem.

Also, did you live in Africa? If so, which country? We are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia and will be making our first trip in several weeks.

anna j said...

Thanks for the comment, Beth--I like your sign :-) And yes, I grew up in Zambia, and have returned twice as an adult. The 3rd time will be this year, it looks like . . . back to teach. As you can tell, I'm ready to return! That's wonderful that you are going to Ethiopia. Just tonight I was listening to an NPR program about international adoption. I've considered it myself . . .

Kris Livovich said...

A good and goofy poem. The thought process of the child makes me wonder if you ever spent any time "locked in"?

Enjoyed your African MK list. Reminds me of a little book that made the rounds in my neck of the woods, "101 Ways to Know You're and MK". It pertained more to Latin America, and it made me laugh and cry.

Congratulations on going back to teach. It's so nice to back,isn't it?

anna j said...

Thanks, Kris--So I take it you are another "TCK" [third culture kid"]? We're an odd bunch, aren't we? :-)