Wednesday, May 05, 2010

till Zion

This Spring, thanks to an inspiring baby niece, I accidentally wrote a song. I am accustomed to making up songs, as they rather regularly pop into my head to be used as teaching tools . . . silly French ditties, usually. This time, however, it sounded kind of like a "real" song. When I shared it with one of my blogging friends, she suggested that I post it for a Poetry Wednesday. It took me a while to decide to do so but, now, here it is.
The poem itself I wrote a while back--an "Alphabet Prayer." But the tune is new, and I first sang it a cappella. Then, with the help of a talented collaborating musician, it turned into an official song, complete with instrumentals and background vocals. Anyhow, here are the lyrics. If any of you, who have not already heard it, would like to hear either version of the song itself, I would be happy to pass along the MP3 version: just comment or email me directly if so . . .

Till Zion is Nigh

Verse 1:
Abba Father
Blessed Jesus
Come and cheer us
Do be near us

Every Creature
Far and near
Give You praise for Your
Holy ways
[Refain]: For Yours I’ll be, till Zion is nigh. Oh, yours, till Zion is nigh.

I am Yours
Just as I am
Kindly made
Loved and framed

May I never
Not be true
Or be forgetful in
Praising You

Quiet me when
Restless I grow
Still my spirit
Tame my soul

Under Thy wings
Verily I fly
Watched for by Your
eXtra watchful eye

Final Refrain: Sung with a 3rd line] of “Till Zion”


Beth said...

Good for you to write a song. It is lovely. My boys and I read a bit of poetry each morning and then close our extended breakfast time with a closing prayer. I think I will print this out (if you don't mind.) Thank You.

anna j said...

Hi Beth--You are more than welcome to do so. I'm honored :-) The poem in its original form is just without the refrain, as those are just the last 2 lines . . .

Molly Sabourin said...

Yes, this is lovely Anna! A sweet hymn of praise! Thank you so much for sharing it!

anna j said...

Thank you, Molly--and thanks to Julia for listening, and urging me to post it :-)

Kris Livovich said...

Anna, thank you for joining us, and with such a lovely addition. I echo Beth in wanting to print it out, we enjoy some poetry around these parts too.

anna j said...

Feel free, Kris--and you're welcome to the musical version as well, if you want it emailed . . . thanks for appreciating it :-)

Jennifer said...

Good for you for posting an original! It really is beautiful!

anna j said...

Thanks, Jennifer--you all are very kind :-)