Wednesday, April 14, 2010

chiming in

There has been a "Poetry Wednesday" circle amongst some of my blogger buddies that I have been following for several months now. But I have not joined in, preferring to just enjoy others' posts. I decided to chime in this week, however. Largely, this is due to my own contemplative and creatively-inclined state of mind as of late. When I am in such a mood, I tend to remember past artistic loves, as well as embarking upon new ones. At the moment, I have been musing on the first poetry I really resonated with: I didn't even know why . . . still don't, for that matter! But for whatever reason, I fell in love with A.A. Milne's "Buttercup Days" back in high school--before I even really liked poetry all that much, so far as I can remember. I read it as school required, but wouldn't have dreamed of recreationally writing it, as I do now. Enough said . . . here it is :-)

Buttercup Days

Where is Anne?
Head above the buttercups,
Walking by the stream,
Down among the buttercups.
Where is Anne?
Walking with her man,
Lost in a dream,
Lost among the buttercups.

What has she got in that little brown head?
Wonderful thoughts which can never be said.
What has she got in that firm little fist of hers?
Somebody’s thumb, and it feels like Christopher’s

Where is Anne?
Close to her man.
Brown head, gold head,
In and out the buttercups.

-A.A. Milne. “Now We Are Six”


Molly Sabourin said...

Welcome, Anna! I am glad you are joining us this week! I am a big fan of A.A. Milne's work as well. I first read "The House at Pooh Corner" with my kids several years ago and was really blown away by how funny and poignant and silly and wise it was. Lines like this: “The more he looked inside the more Piglet wasn't there." I found (and my kids found) to be just really wonderful. I loved this poem. It has Milne's trademark whimsical voice all over it. Thank you for your contribution to Poetry Wednesday!

Kris Livovich said...

Glad you joined us Anna. I would like that poem before liking poetry too. It is sweet. We've been reading through the Pooh stories and Milne's use of language makes me smile.

Jenny Schroedel said...


So nice to have you with us! I love the imagery of the buttercups--how sweet that poem is. It seems to take me back to a time when the pattern was clearer to more people and you could see this even through the poetry.

anna j said...

Molly, Kris, and Jenny--
Wow, thank you all so much for reading, and being so encouraging :-) I am pleased, though I suppose I shouldn't be too terribly surprised, that you folks join me in my A.A. Milne love . . . I actually went to middle/high school with his granddaughter too: pretty cool, huh? :-)

Ruthie said...

Love this! I have to admit, from my high school years until now, when I read to my children, A. A. Milne is easily my favorite and most influential author. His voice, his wisdom and whimsy are brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Julia said...

I have bean wondering why you hadn't joined in yet (to Poetry Wednesday). I assumed you would sooner or later. I actually had intended to ask you about it, just like I've been intending to respond to the last e-mail you sent me. Forgive me! I'll write soon!

anna j said...

Ruthie--I'm glad to know that you were another who discovered Milne in high school: and I fully intend to share him with my own children!
Thanks, Julia, for thinking of me with the Poetry Wednesday crew: I'm honored :-) And looking forward to your note . . .

Beth said...

Welcome Anna. When I was a tiny girl I used to pick buttercups growing close to a creek in my parents' ravine. They are magnificent flowers.

I love A.A. Milne, though I have yet to dive into his poetry. His writing gives me great pleasure when I read it out loud to my boys.

anna j said...

I'm so glad you share it with your boys . . . thanks for "chiming in" Beth :-)