Friday, May 08, 2009

this means war

Pardon the poor quality of this photo. My intention today, however, is not to produce award-winning photography; I am inclined, rather, to document the war that I have declared today. The adversary? Slugs. The weapon? A nice, frothy cold one. That's right . . . the gardening expert informed me that a mere soap solution was child's play when it comes to slugs in the garden. I had to break out the beer. It seems that slugs have a taste for it, more so than their appetite for my garden greens. So they will drink the beer I so kindly poured for them and then, I suppose, forget about all their woes . . . so long as they forget about my Sweet Basil, I will be quite content . . . may the best taste win :-)


linda said...

Me too. The beer is served up nightly in an effort to save the lettuce. Juden was supposed to make me a coupon to do something nice for me for Mother's day and his read," I'll squish the slugs for you out of the garden."

anna j said...

That is too funny! The neighborhood kids were all watching me, quite amused, as I "fed" the garden . . . a bunch of little boys were duly amused by the oddity of it.
You should also give Juden the boy-worthy fun of salting the slugs, too, if that is not too cruel for you all :-)