Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a "master" competitor

My grandmother rushed off directly after dinner tonight: as we had lingered over the tomato plants beforehand, we were left with little time before her choir practice by the time we sat down to eat. So left to amuse ourselves in her absence, my grandpa and I decided to scour the house for that missing box of dominoes. Oddly enough, when PaCharley triumphantly emerged from the den he was holding not one, but 2 boxes of the "missing" game.
Having played much more recently than I, PaCharley entered into the game with the self-appointed role of instructor; and, consequently, he spent the entirety of our 2 rounds patiently laboring in his task of tutoring me in all the ins and outs of the game.
Soon thereafter, as my grandpa had to concede to my resounding triumph, I consoled him with the fact that, this being my first game since graduation, he could not begrudge the win of a "Master" . . .
Having entered into the Golf Masters lottery for years now, longing to win those coveted tickets, I am perhaps naively choosing to believe that this is an adequately convincing consolation :-)

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