Sunday, March 08, 2009

loving Leggy

When my not-quite-daily news perusal revealed an adoption special at the nearby animal shelter, I could not resist a frivolous afternoon outing . . . frivolous because I know better than to seriously entertain the prospect in my unsettled state. As I scratched ears and tickled chins, I struck up a conversation with my kennel companion. What she told me tugged at my heart, with an uplifting reminder of how admirable young ambition can be: she could not adopt a pet of her own, due to her apartment complex regulations, and so she was in training here, awaiting the day she would be old enough to be an official shelter volunteer. This friend, "Leggy," was her favorite, she told me. Or rather, it seemed, she was his favorite, judging by the way he noticed her arrival and waited for her to scoop him into her well-trained embrace :-)

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