Tuesday, April 22, 2008

pretty in pink

Today being officially Earth Day, I thought I would post one of the photos I took at the Beach Clean Up that I mentioned the other day. This was one of my favourite photos of the morning: she was definitely the most stylishly-attired among us that morning. As I told her, she looked stunningly pink there in that lovely early-morning-sunlight, deftly gathering the ocean's discards to fill up her rubbish sack.


C. Agusta said...

Do they really call it a rubbish sack there?

anna j said...

ok, so maybe i'm guilty of having a bit too much fun with my vocabulary . . . :-)

Julia said...

The colors do look really striking.

Hey, I totally forgot about the existence of Earth Day. It makes me think of the 80s and outdoor smooth jazz concerts, for some odd reason. Anyway, good to know.