Friday, March 21, 2008

a holiday weekend, island style

This is what one does on Easter weekend here on the island: "camping." What it means is that everything shuts down for the weekend [shops, grocery stores, businesses, etc.--everything except for the churches, that is. And families set up tents and live on the beach, carrying with them all they need: stereos for reggae, grills for fish frying, portable showers to use in the public toilets, even televisions.
Granted, in my case, today meant church, choir practice, then going to the beach just long enough for these friends to tease me about my low tolerance for beach bumming . . . just call me "whitey" :-)


cassie agusta said...

There's a typo. Next to last word needs to be "me" not "my'. Right?

Sounds fun!

anna j said...

Yes indeed--thanks Cassie! i thought of you when writing this one, wondering if you were going to tease me as well, admonishing me about the need to be a better bummer-of-beaches ;-)