Wednesday, March 12, 2008


As I headed out to pick up my bakery order for this evening's youth group meeting, I debated for a moment whether or not to bring my camera. Then I decided that the fact I had remembered it at all was a sign that I should do my blogging duty and carry it . . . so here is a shot of one of the critters that roam freely here. I hope you appreciate the fact that I even sucked up my pride to look utterly touristy holding up my camera while walking on the sidewalk. Not only that, but the resident was pulling in to the drive as I did so. When I stopped to let him go in, he kindly pointed at the Iguana and waved at me to finish taking the photo while he idled and watched. Here he is, picture perfect :-)


Cassie Agusta said...
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anna j said...

Prince Frog, the Iguagas, the Coconut trees, and I are ready for you :-)