Thursday, December 20, 2007

tonight's gift

translation: Carsyn 5 [i.e. 5 years old]. I like to come to anna's house to read a book. from carsyn to anna.
As he handed this note to me, Carsyn sternly instructed me that I must keep it. I don't think I will have difficulty doing as I'm told . . .


cassie agusta said...

Who is this little Carsyn? Funny, i have a little girl cousin named Carson, which was her mother's maiden name.

Cassie Agusta

Jenny said...

Dear Anna,

This is so cute! I love the note. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post. That's exciting that you've been following my blog--I'll try to keep at it!


anna j said...

Cassie--Carsyn is my neighbor, and new friend :-)
Jenny--thanks for reading; i'm honored by your "visits" . . . and you had better keep posting on yours!