Sunday, December 16, 2007

feeling festive

I am currently obsessed with this creche . . . and I am absolutely thrilled with the fact that I am now its proud owner. My grandmother was lamenting the fact that she had acquired a large new decoration and, intrigued at her description when I carted the box out of the car for her, I pulled it out to see for myself. Oddly enough, considering my general dislike of extra "stuff," my laziness when it comes to decorations, and my spare inclinations in aesthetic decor, I instantly fell in love with it. M grandma generously offered to part with it, and I now am trying to decide upon the perfect spot. Mom is visiting me at the moment [I cried when I saw her, missing hr so much: no simple tears either: I was a blubbering mess of boo hoos!]; but she has not helped much with the placement inspiration--she claims that I am the one who knows about such things, not she. So I am still trying to place it: any ideas from those of you familiar with my place? ;-)


Julia said...

Hmm. My first thought is: on top of the piano. But I think that's because I automatically think of places where a toddler can't reach and destroy.

Is your mom going to be there after Christmas????? We are coming down on the 26th. I would love to see her!!

jouj said...

my first thought was also to put it on the piano. I guess I wasn't thinking about todlers :), but it did occur to me that it would look really nice up there on the dark wood.
It would also be fiarly close to eye level meaning you would be more likely to notice it.
Have fun with it!

Cassie Agusta said...

Glad to hear you are having much needed fun w. your Mama!

I'll see you soonish!

Much love,
Cassie Agusta

anna j said...

Wow--a lot of response to this entry, for my low-comment blog at least :-)
Mom left today, sadly . . . I'll get to see you when you come, though: I was just telling a friend today that I expected the arrival of some of my bestest friends, as he lamented the departure of most of his, for the holidays.
And yes, the piano would have been an ideal spot, but for the immensity of this creche--it's about 2 feet high and 1 foot deep!

Julia said...

Oh...I'm sorry to miss your mom, but it will be great to see you!

I can't believe it's that big! You really can't tell from that photo. Just put it somewhere where you can't stub your toe on it.