Tuesday, May 29, 2007

traveling Kimba

Thanks to a family trip, Kimba got to go to South Africa. Unfortunately, however, the silly lion forgot his camera--so I shall have to rely on his travel souvenirs in order to show you that he had a lovely time in Johannesburg and in Durban!


Jodi said...

What a forgetful lion. LOL The kids are still imagining that he has been warding off wildlife on a daily basis as in the earlier posts when you first arrived. I shall go show them the latest picture and they will see Kimba has done some traveling!

Julia said...

I've always known that Kimba was no ordinary lion-- quite domesticated and debonair.

anna j said...

ahh yes, Kimba is indeed quite the sophisticated traveler. all his lion pals are highly envious, of course--they also envy the fact that he regularly gets to have sleepovers with my lovely little pupils :-)