Monday, January 01, 2007

Introducing Kimba

Allow me to introduce my traveling buddy, fondly known as Kimba Leo. This friendly little lion has just arrived here in TN, as I brought him with me from NH. Over Christmas I met a family who dropped in for a visit one afternoon. I have corresponded via blog a bit with them, as they are friends of my folks, but had not yet met them in person. Knowing they were going to see me, the 3 children brought along this little fellow and asked if I could take him with me to Africa--they were excited about the prospect of seeing him on safari back in his presumably native land. So he is now, as you can see, ready for international travel, and anxious to begin 6 months of hobnobbing with his fellow carnivores, hunting antelope, prowling through grasslands . . . and all other manner of activities befitting such a clearly wild-natured and ferocious fellow. So stay tuned for future photographic adventures :-)

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