Wednesday, May 31, 2006

tybee tales [take 2]

I tripped over a shell and it squirted water on me. That was kind of nice.
This was Cassie's report to me upon a query as to whether she had found anything of interest on her morning run.
My own report, from a slightly earlier run [we have a bit of a running joke about how her schedule tends to run about an hour behind my own], involved an oddly poised severed snake--missing the rear portion of its body. Initially I assumed it to be dead, but my curious poke promptly proved otherwise.
And that is about the extent of our Island excitement 3 days into the vacation.
Not that I'm complaining, mind you--boating and beach-bumming could scarcely be considered a hardship:
One could do worse than be a . . . bummer of beaches?


Julia said...

I received your newspaper clipping from the local Tybee newspaper. I was interested to read what the local reviewer of books had to say, but even more interested in his rating system, which is based on a six pack of beer. A "six pack" is the highest rating a book can receive. I think this is a very sensible way to gauge literary merit.

anna j said...

Sensible, indeed. And hey, Julia, you're a six-pack in my book :-)