Thursday, May 18, 2006

being bob

"sky blue" or "baby blue" overalls? round or oblong ear lobes?
Yes, folks, I admit it: I have spent the evening agonizing over the finer artistic details of Bob the Builder. Who knew such decisions could be so crucial? . . .
Having been commissioned to paint wall hangings for 2 child's bedrooms has proven to be an intriguing adventure for me over the past few days. More specifically, I am to paint 1 Bob the Builder, 1 Spiderman, 1 Angel, and 1 Princess. So I may never be the next Picasso; but I bet you I could give him a few pointers at the moment as to Bob's acrylic-on-canvas creative characteristics.

1 comment:

Kellie said...

Bob the Builder makes me insane and if you'd like I would be happy to box up and ship all things Bob to you to help towards your goal! In particular I would be more than willing to sacrifice a Bob the Builder DVD. JP wouldn't miss it...much.