Monday, March 08, 2010

emergency eviction

Barbara promptly offered "writing" permission this evening, after telling me the day's excitement. Granted, my neighbor has provided me with writing inspiration in the past, so she knew what to expect when relaying this particular event as I arrived with the day's pharmacy pick-up for them:
For several days now, she has been concerned about the odor of what seemed to be some sort of a leak. So today she called for assistance, alerting the authorities that she seemed to have a gas leak. Shortly thereafter the inspector arrived and was directed to the room in question.
When he emerged, some time later, Barbara waited, with some concern, to hear the outcome. He quietly made his notes and she, anxious to see, peered over onto his work log, to see what he was writing . . .
"No gas leak. Dead mouse. Removed mouse. Cleaned area. Odor taken care of" . . . Disaster averted? :-)

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