Sunday, February 28, 2010

for the color of it

It was with singular delight that I carted my camera along on a brilliantly spring-like day here in the Pacific Northwest. After a winter of ice and snow, and frigid temperatures, it was indescribably soothing to feel such newness in the air. I can't remember ever quite appreciating spring so much. But then again, I have had a habit of running away in the wintertime, accepting conveniently timed work opportunities in more tropic climes than those encountered stateside. And so today I soaked in this one afternoon of mildness with intense gratitude.
"Is it silly of me," I asked Erin, "to be so giddy about photographing flowers today, solely because of the thrill of encountering color again?" She thought for a moment, then said simply, "Nah--I don't think so."
So I'm taking her word for it, and posting this simple shot for you of today's color :-)


Jenny Schroedel said...

I love your photos...this one is so refreshing, capturing the spirit of spring in the Pacific Northwest.

anna j said...

Thank you, Jenny--I appreciate the compliment :-)