Tuesday, September 01, 2009

picking a peck

I actually snapped this shot yesterday, as I admired the bountiful harvest of my apple-picking neighbor. But it seemed rather fitting to share it with you all today, considering the fact that we have just entered the month in which the "harvest" season begins. He admitted to me that he actually did not know what variety these are: the family has always simply titled them "snack apples," referring to their small size, sweet taste and, I would add, picture-perfect appearance :-)


linda said...

beautiful shot Anna. I was just catching up on posts as I've been a bit absent from blog-land in August. Lovely posts. Where are you?! Hope you are doing well.

jane, candid said...

I felt compelled to find your blog after reading your insightful post on Writer Mama Riffs. Your words struck a cord with me. I like your blog -- lovely photos and thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

anna j said...

Thank you Linda, and Jane, for visiting . . . I am honored :-)