Monday, June 22, 2009

yesterday's poem

Inspired by a contest being run by a local Ice Cream Parlor, I wrote a poem for my stepdad for Father's Day. The subject was "What flavor ice cream would your Dad be, and why?" This is what I ended up with . . .
*Note: circumstances portrayed are entirely fictional ;-)

Ode to a Flavor

"If you were an ice cream, Pop, what flavor'd you be?"
"Why, plain old vanilla, I reckon," said he.

Raising my eyebrows & frowning, I turned,
And looked at my Mama, so serene & so learned.

"Mother-Dear," said I, "what do you say on this one?
You've always been right, judging from who's lost & who's won . . . "

"Surely," she said then, "I know just the one:
Rocky Road, I would think, and this here's the rea-zun:

It suits him quite perfectly, I'm sure you'll agree--
A bit messy, a bit nutty and, I guess, well, rock-y" ;-)


Lisa R. said...

I'm loving the beautiful stories and photos from New England. Good talking to you today. I'm excited for you in you current adventures and time with you mom and Lou~lisa

anna j said...

Thanks Lisa--
You're a dear, and I am grateful to you for reading . . . and look forward to seeing you again when I return!
love to you all,

Faith Imagined said...

Love this poem!