Sunday, November 23, 2008

tortoise tails

It has been a rather delightful weekend all around. And since it was my off weekend, when I was not officially on supervision duty, I was able to spend a portion of my Sunday visiting a nearby orphanage. One highlight from this visit was the tortoise "tour": the orphans have been given a number of tortoises recently [once the villagers realized they enjoyed them, each new finding has been happily passed along to add to the brood], so the children have been enjoying learning how to care for them. After Chimwemwe had been holding this one for a moment, she turned him upside down and then peered with confusion at the large pink "tail" that he was displaying . . . which, incidentally, was quite a surprising sight to the orphanage Mum and to me as well :-)


Julia said...

They are so cute, I can't take it!

anna j said...

Well, I can post another photo of them, in fact, if you so request . . . ;-)