Wednesday, October 01, 2008

a pane

This one was my second door-pane installation, and decidedly better than the first. But I still have room for improvement . . . perhaps the third time will be the charm [not that I would welcome the need to replace another, mind you!]


tonkelu said...

Are you going to be in the KC area anytime soon? We have a pane in one of the dining room windows that has been broken (looks like a spiderweb) for going on two years now. Given the advanced age of the window itself (nearly 70 years) I've just avoided thinking about replacing it!

anna j said...

hmmm . . . tempting, actually, as i LOVE an excuse to use my caulking gun ;-) and that's the same age as this door, actually, so it could be that were i to do your window, it would be a professional-looking job!