Friday, July 18, 2008

reach for the light

Since first passing these wild blooms in the cemetery, I have found myself returning daily to catch a glimpse of them. I find them inspiring, in a bittersweet sort of manner, as the reach for the rays that so briefly touch them each day from over the hilltop that shadows them. So I have taken up an odd little ritual of greeting them each morning with little words of encouragement in the efforts to “reach for the light.” Who knows, maybe it helps :-)


linda said...

Anna, thankyou for the kindness you've shown me the past few days that I've been a little under the weather. We all need those little voices of encouragement from time to time.

anna j said...

Dear Linda--
You are ever so welcome . . . though it has been no great thing: it is true that we all need that encouragement and life cycles around like that :-)
Thanks for reading my blog, also, as I do appreciate being "read" immensely!