Sunday, May 11, 2008

old mother hubbard . . .

Old Mother Hubbard, she lived in a cupboard . . .
Eating her curds and whey?
Maybe I don't know so much about Old Mother Hubbard,
But I've still got something to say.

Cause I've got a mother--a young mother, maybe,
But a mother who's better by far,
Than any cupboard-abiding Old Mother I see,
And here's why Mom raises the bar:

For starters she's gallant--so daring and bold,
She braves any challenge she sees.
For instance she zips down the slopes, in the cold,
Past all, on her handicap skis.

Another trait of my mother that puts her beyond
The realm of your average Plain Jane,
Is a wit that's too sharp to ever be conned,
And sense of humor that keeps us all sane.

One time, for example, Mom came in the door,
Calling her rambunctious crew all around,
To say she had just bought a treat for us four:
A "six-pack" at the store, she had found!

The truth is that while she was there at the grocer,
She'd seen what had given her pause:
A "beer" touted as non-alcoholic inspired her
To play a prank on her dearest young ones!

Fact is I could prattle for ages on end
About all the ways mom's a marvel.
But by the time I was done I'd have to extend
This poem to the length of a novel.

So here I will close with a simple word more,
To say that it's high time, I gather,
That this woman who's truly a "mom" to the core,
Is soon going to be a Grandmother!

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