Tuesday, February 26, 2008

parenting as it should not be done

I am utterly shameless when it comes to goofball tactics. I am also fully at peace with my potential future as the world's most embarrassing mother [considering the fact that I am nowhere near childbearing, as far as I can tell, this is perhaps a farsighted goal].
So today I did not think twice about repeating my little stunt at the bus stop. Having mom duty this week for some children I sometimes babysit, I have been thoroughly enjoying the household routines of sibling rivalry refereeing, meal preparations and snack packings, nintendo applauding, jacket-zipping, shoelace-tying, carpool-driving, and such.
My first day of pick up at the bus drop-off point, I initially joined the row of parked parental units, most of whom chatted on their phones while waiting for Junior to find the right car and lug herself, along with 75-pound backpack and assorted sports equipment, musical instruments, etc.
After a few moments of observation, however, I decided that I simply could not pick up my crew in such a dull manner. So I watched diligently for the bus and when #30 finally turned the corner and rolled towards me on the drive-up, I leapt out of my car. As the bus passed my car I jumped up and down, waving madly and displaying a gleeful ear-to-ear grin as I did my happy dance. I then jaunted towards the bus when it came to a stop so that I would be beaming at them when the children descended the steps of the bus . . .
See--now you can either be happily relieved at your own more sensible mothering techniques, or you can simply feel blessed to have been raised by a much more normal mother than me :-)

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