Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Yesterday an envelope arrived in my mailbox with a return address that made me hesitate to open it: The Embassy of the Republic of Zambia . . .
Once I had gathered my courage, I was immensely relieved to find an “Approved” stamp—my passport had been returned to me with an official Visa stamped within. On a significantly more frivolous note, I am also enjoying Zambia’s intricately lovely official emblem . . . getting closer :-)


kel said...

So now what? I'm so excited for you!

anna j said...

thanks Kellie!
"next" is a relatively less exciting step: i'm now fundraising for a laptop, after realizing that i can't very well expect to be able to do lesson planning, curriculum studies, my grad school work, and keeping in touch with state-side friends, without having a computer . . . it's probably timely to need a new one, as my current desktop is about 8 years old and is on loan from my sister. so, on the hunt for a good deal on a Macbook :-)