Saturday, September 16, 2006

i spy

I saw them with my own two 20/10-vision eyes today . . . I saw the goats. A patch of black amidst the green caught my eye as I passed and, looking twice, I laughed heartily at my own luck. There they were, those famed goats, contentedly munching away and surrounded by tellingly sparse patches on the kudzu-covered ridge. One black, one white, several multi-colored . . . sure enough, the slow goats were indeed at work.


Julia said...

You *have* to take your camera along next time and get a picture for your blog! I want to see these animals!

anna j said...

i'll work on that. the only trick will be that, due to the goats' placement on the side of the ridge--and visibility only from the road below--the only forseeable way to get a decent shot of them would be to scale the side of the ridge, perhaps balancing one foot on the roof of the tunnel and hooking one elbow around a straggler tree branch . . . like i said, i'll work on it :-)

kellie said...

I agree with Julia!

I'd also like a picture of you getting the picture (sounds like quite a feat) but will content myself with the goats. :)