Friday, July 21, 2006

lifestyles of the rich and . . . artistic?

An evening spent experimenting with oil paintings has just convinced me that I am not a true artist [visual, at least]. I think that a real painter would have been satisfied with the process as an accomplishment in itself. I, however, was not able to create the image I had in my head and consequently ended up feeling as if I had wasted my time. Hopefully more experimentation would lead to greater success in the medium, but my conclusion [about my artistic inclinations] remains the same. And unfortunately I doubt I will have many other chances to experiment like I have at the moment--this is simply due to a house-sitting stint in a lovely home that is equipped with an art studio. Like I said, not many occasions like this in my daily life :-) I'm afraid my own young art students do not have a teacher well-funded enough to provide them with such materials . . . so far they seem to be content with their watercolors, acrylics, charcoal, and ink, thankfully!


JBB said...

Hi Anna,

I found your Web site via the boarding school discussion site.

You probably don't remember me, but I'm the Bakkes' oldest daughter.

I've enjoyed the few posts I've read and will continue coming back--you're a very good writer. I identify with your MK perspective on things!


kellie said...

Dear friend, do you really think that the great artists who have come and gone throughout the years have been pleased with every work they produced? Don't give up for heaven's sake! I'm sure whatever you created was brilliant and, in a few days perhaps, you will look at it and think, "Even better than what I'd hoped for!"

anna j said...

SO good to hear from you Janice--I told Mom you had written and she was excited to hear your name!
And Kellie, thanks--due to your encouragement I tackled my oil painting again and, sure enough, on 2nd look I found it to be salvageable after all. So now, after evening #2, it isn't quite so bad any more :-)