Wednesday, June 14, 2006

about that princess

My friend, you suspected correctly--turns out she was not the pink sort: she was delivered to her new bedroom outfitted solely in sapphire and sterling.
In fact, I did not break out the "princess pink" until today, for Acrylic day with my Art Camp students . . . the bottle actually was almost depleted in one day, thanks to my eager student's dashingly pink Walrus on Canvas :-)


Kellie said...

I'd love to see your little princess.

You know between your pink princess conundrum and my own little bull in a china closet, I've been inspired to write a book?

anna j said...

proud to be an inspiration of some sort at least . . .
and hey, if your book should be in need of illustrations of, say, the most beautiful pink walrus this side of antarctica, then you know who to call :-)

kellie said...

he he

Last summer Jack and I were swinging on the tire swing and he looked up in the tree and insisted that there was a tiny walrus living up there. I always wanted to write a book about that one, too, but have thus far failed to come up with a decent plot. Perhaps we need to collaborate?