Sunday, July 03, 2005

what i'm reading today

New author discovery: Kathleen Norris. Currently loving _Cloister Walk_: a starkly beautiful meditative collection of musings about her time spent living in monasteries. Perfect for evening reading, as snippets can be read as a way of centering oneself. She also is good for those of us who tend to think in ways outside the bounds of standard religiosity, but decidedly passionate about living a life of faith.

And that, friends, is today's installment of a recommended read--as I often can go through a book a day, and there are days in which studies/paper writing/work take precedence over blog entrying, I figured the least I could do is share whatever book I am passionate about at the moment :-)


linnea said...

Anna, I know you gave me your email address before I left, but my stuff is very messy and I don't know where I put it. Would you email me so I have it?

Katie said...

Anna, I love Kathleen Norris' "Cloister Walk". I read it out loud to my roommates doing our first month in Iraq. One of my favorite books. Now I'm back to reading your past blog entries to try to catch up on your life! :)

Katie Ryan